“Graham Joyce is like a salve for the soul. The Facts Of Life is simply formidable.” -The Third Alternative

“Reading The Facts of Life is like stepping into a fictional dream that has resonances, in turn, of Dickens, John Irving, Ian McEwan, Robertson Davies, and Paul Auster. What begins with a quiet pace suddenly sweeps one up in an eddy of quirks. The picaresque family novel brings an unexpected revelation at every corner, and what seems morbid and profane is transformed into beautiful and nearly divine. What a delicious discovery!” -Alev Lytle Croutier

“You don’t merely read a Graham Joyce novel, you live through it. Quite simply brilliant” -SFX

“This is the kind of book I love to read! It’s an epic saga about family, love, war, and magic. Joyce’s characters are memorable. They remind me of some of my own weird relatives. I have not been so charmed by a novel in a long time.” -Isabel Allende

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