Working-class monster – June 2000,

“Relatives say Martin Amis’ new memoir exploits his murdered cousin, and they’re right — but not in the way they think.”

Greek Virtues – first published in Arrows of Desire

“They are a nation of liars: brilliant liars, spectacular liars, breathtaking liars. And anyone who calls me racist for saying so is also a liar. “

The Great God Pan – first published in Fantasycon 2000 programme

“In the list of influences I usually cite about my own writing, Arthur Machen is a name that looms large. Machen not only inspired and influenced; he incited successive generations of authors to write in a certain way.”

Two weeks, three couples and six kids equals hell – first published in The Independent

“Do not go on holiday with your friends this year. There is every chance they will not be your friends when you get back.”