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Shortlisted for The World Fantasy Award, The British Fantasy Award, The Shirley Jackson Award

Winner of The Inspiration Award

“In Graham Joyce’s brave and ultimately heartbreaking new novel, “The Silent Land,” a young married couple trapped in a deserted Alpine village must come to terms with strange events that test the strength of their relationship. In its melding of the bizarre and the personal, this tour de force invites comparison to the work of Haruki Murakami and Ian McEwan.
The novel’s conclusion is both beautiful and devastating with its insight into the lives of two decent, honest people. Few times while reading fiction have I been so overcome by how remembering the past and living in the moment combine to form the core of our existence. In “The Silent Land” – a classic in the making – Joyce’s great and abiding gift is to make the reader feel this truth fiercely and protectively.” – The Washington Post.

“Graham Joyce’s near-perfect novella of near-death experience, isolation and winter cold is a tour de force.” – The Independent.

“You’ll laugh, albeit nervously; you’ll cry, unless you’re completely heartless; you’ll give your nearest and dearest hugs without really being able to explain why you’re so glad to see them – really, what more do you want from a novel?” – SFX