dark sister book cover

Winner of the 1992 August Derleth prize for Best Novel.

Alex and Maggie think they live in an ordinary townhouse, until they discover the diary of a previous occupant–a diary containing secret Wiccan herb-lore. Maggie is drawn to investigate the diary and discovers powers hidden within herself.

With the help of her friends Ash, an herbalist, and Old Liz, an old woman with a deep knowledge of the ancient ways passed down through the generations, Maggie tries to find her way in a world of power and magic. But Maggie’s searching has awakened her Dark Sister, a malevolent force that threatens her hold on her family and her sanity.

Maggie, her friends, and her children become swept up in a maelstrom as the Dark Sister seeks revenge for a black moment in history, and seeks, finally, to be reunited with the heart of the Goddess.

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Tor Books, 1999
Signed first printing available from author.
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