Winner of the 1996 British Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

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“Brilliant and unclassifiable, The Tooth Fairy is by turns tender, nightmarish, and hilarious, with hard-won wisdom and a rare sense of time and place, of lives truly lived.”
–Jonathan Lethem

“A modern parable of loss and maturity… deft, canny and highly readable”
–Iain Banks

Sam and his friends are like any gang of normal young boys. Roaming wild around the outskirts of their car-factory town. Daring adults to challenge their freedom.

Until the day Sam wakes to find the Tooth Fairy sitting on the edge of his bed. Not the benign figure of childhood myth, but an enigmatic presence that both torments and seduces him, changing his life forever.

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Pocket Books (UK), 1999; Tor Books (US), 1999
Signed first printing available from author.
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